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A startup agency from Stockholm

We love startups, and most of all we love to think and work like a startup.
We help companies grow by combining knowledge and skills at the intersection of marketing, data analysis, user experience and product design.

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Growth & product.

We offer tailored services throughout the digital product-lifecycle. From quantitative and qualitative product analysis and usability testing to more comprehensive work on your user experience, growth and product development.
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Innovation sprints.

Looking to gain new insights into the possibilities that emerging technologies and data can bring to your company?
In an innovation sprint we get hands on with a brief, such as how emerging technologies and new business models can transform your business. An innovation sprint can be anything from a half-day workshop to long-term sprints where we develop ideas further.

Who we are.

We are a team with backgrounds and skills ranging from marketing and communication, scientific research, health, data-analysis, design and development.
A diverse set of people, spun into a tight knit group at Hyper Island where the founding team met. Our goal is to help companies build great things, and grow smart and sustainably with the best tools and methods available.